Slow Living Set - Winter edition of essential oils

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Slow Living Set - Winter edition of essential oils

The trio of essential oils of the winter edition are designed to create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere and will bring a feeling of peace and well-being to your home not only during the Advent time.

Essential oil - Cassia  
Cassia is a close relative of cinnamon and has a strong, spicy scent. It has been used for thousands of years to maintain physical health and support emotional well-being. It contributes to a pleasant warm aroma and has soothing effects when applied to the body.

Essential oil - Clove
Invigorating, stimulating oil with a strong spicy scent of cloves. It has a warming effect and contributes to pain relief. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps clean teeth and gums, and is often used as a scented repellent for flying insects.

Essential oil - Pine needles 
Characteristic and popular aroma of pine needles and forest. This scent is known for its ability to calm you down, while providing energy and inducing feelings of stability. It has soothing effects and creates a very pleasant atmosphere. It helps the body to calm down and stimulates the senses.  

If you buy a gift box for this set, we recommend a S-size box.


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