Shorter days and cold weather bring potential health complications. Here are a few effective tips on how to boost up your immunity.


We should pay constant attention to the immune system, and especially with the coming autumn season. The risk of catching a cold increases and being attacked by viral and bacterial diseases is much more often. The immune system is lightly sleeping during summer and sometimes can be caught by the rapid arrival of autumn infections. The body`s immunity depends on lifestyle and is influenced by several other factors, such as age, health status, diet, sleep quality or level of stress. The coming autumn is therefore a challenging period for everyone, including children. As they return to school desks, they are exposed to viral or bacterial diseases for much longer and being among other children gives the viruses a green light. Vitamins, which have an extraordinary effect on our immunity, are indispensable helpers for the autumn and winter season.

How can we support immunity?


Support immunity with ESSENS Colostrum

To build immunity, our body should have enough sleep, regular exercise in the fresh air and a constant intake of vitamins and minerals.
Immunity can also be supported with proven and high-quality food supplements. Colostrum is suitable for stimulating the immune system, the first milk produced by the mammary glands after the birth of mammals, which protects the young from infections in the initial weeks of life. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins, which play a vital role in protecting the immune system. At the same time, it contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antibodies effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Put the preventions and immunity first. You will achieve the best results for strengthening the immune system with a three-month course of ESSENS Colostrum.

Aloe Vera to increase immunity

Aloe vera plant has been valued for its beneficial effects on health since ancient times. Food supplements with aloe vera stimulate the immune system, support the natural cleansing of the body, the activity of the digestive system and contribute to protection against microorganisms.
ESSENS Aloe Vera Gel Drinks are the best product of their kind on the market, as they contain an unrivalled 99.5% aloe vera gel. The cultivation itself in BIO quality, the production process and the resulting raw material are additionally documented by globally recognized quality certificates. The revolutionary Totaloe method of processing, preserving active substances and nutrients, also plays an important role.
Aloe vera gel is valuable for its high content of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and many other beneficial substances that are of fundamental importance for the body`s immunity.

Boost your immunity with ESSENS Syrup

Prebiotic ESSENS Syrup supports the health of the human intestine and thus strengthens overall immunity. Delicious syrups are enriched with effective plant extracts, which are widely used in pharmacy and the food industry and supply the body with the necessary substances for its proper functioning.
The basic carrier of the syrups is the prebiotic fibre GOFOS™. It not only fulfils the function of a sweetener, but is also an important prebiotic. This means that they serve as a source of energy for beneficial intestinal bacteria, support the absorption of nutrients into the body, improve the condition of the intestinal tissue and its resistance to infection.
ESSENS SYRUP food supplements were purposefully designed to provide the body with the necessary substances for its proper functioning through natural ingredients. At the same time, in all respects they copy the needs of today`s hectic times and a healthy lifestyle.

For children`s defences

Does your child often suffer from a cold? Is your child often sick? The reason may be their reduced immunity level, which needs to be strengthened.
It is recommended that the child stays in the fresh air and has enough physical activities. Warm and effective clothes is always good advice and children should also be able to play in the playground without any worries about getting a little bit dirty. During these situations, the child`s immunity develops naturally.
You can also support your child`s immunity through a wide range of vitamins and suitable food supplements. The delicious gel or syrup with a sweet flavour will become your children´s new favourite.

More tips to support immunity

ESSENS products will help you to get through the cold months. These are developed and produced for you in premium quality and bring many benefits. For example, ESSENS Monolaurin or ESSENS Lactoferrin have excellent results for acute colds.


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